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Scholarship for Finance Students

The Joseph Schnaier Scholarship for Finance Students gives out scholarship funding to a single student in school en route to studying finance. Mr. Schnaier understands the arduous journey that students undertake regarding both their academic and their monetary responsibilities, and his goal is to give back to our next generation of financiers however he can.

Who is it for?

The Joseph Schnaier Scholarship for Finance Students is now open to all university students located within the United States who want to attend business school and work in the field of finance. This scholarship is additionally available to any high school students who plan on attending a university with intentions to become a finance student. Mr. Schnaier knows about the mental burden that is laid on young students who anticipate the many years of schooling ahead of them before they can become financiers, and for this reason he is rewarding a star student with a $1,000 grant towards their tuition.


Joseph Schnaier

joseph schnaier

New York, NY Businessman & Entrepreneur

Today, Joseph Schnaier works as the CEO and President of Wantickets. In his position there, he manages all of the daily operations.  Joseph’s experience in the field of finance spans over 25 years, and he maintains connections all across the globe. Mr. Schnaier is primarily concerned with private equity investments, but he additionally boasts a successful entrepreneurship career. Companies that he co-founded include Friedman Schnaier & Associates and DOD Marketing Corp.


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Looking at his own experience, Joseph Schnaier understands the challenging road ahead for finance students. With more than 25 years of success in his career, his goal now is to give back to the future generation of finance students through this scholarship fund. We encourage any qualified students to apply and take advantage of this opportunity to receive scholarship funding. Simply visit our application page, and there you can view all the details on applying and entering into our essay contest where we determine the scholarship winner.

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Mr. Schnaier knows how the steadily climbing costs of schooling, especially for finance school, is putting large strains on students who are studying to become financiers. He would like to ease this burden by giving an opportunity to a hardworking student with this $1,000 scholarship reward. Using the scholarship, Joseph is trying to raise awareness about the monetary struggles faced by those who must go through the many years of business school on their long road to a career in finance, and in doing so to assist one of the future financial leaders of the United States achieve their goals in the process.


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If you would like any more information about this scholarship or have any questions for us, please get in touch by using the form on the contact page and someone will respond right away. In addition, any universities or organizations wanting to get involved with the scholarship are  encouraged to reach out and see how you can help out. We want to wish all of our students good luck with the contest and on their journey to their career in finance!


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