Joseph Schnaier

Businessman, Entrepreneur, and Finance Professional

Since May, 2014, Joseph Schnaier has served as the President and CEO of Wantickets. He is responsible for the oversight of all of the day to day operations within the company. 

His finance career first started as an entrepreneur and investment banker on Wall Street in 1996, and ever since he has made quite the name for himself in his field and is known as a well respected leader. Joseph has co-founded two companies in his career, an investment company called Friedman Schnaier & Associates and an ecommerce and marketing firm called DOD Marketing Corp. 

Both of the companies have since been acquired by other businesses. Mr. Schnaier has also worked for the company Meyers and Associates, and there he worked as a Senior Vice President of Investments. His responsibilities within that role included advising growth companies on their financing and strategic alternatives, and that consisted of debt and equity offerings in addition to mergers and acquisitions. 

Today, Joseph is based in New York where he lives with his wife and three children.

Professional Credentials

Notable Positions

  • Wantickets (President and CEO)

  • Friedman Schnaier & Associates (Co Founder)

  • DOD Marketing Corp. (Co Founder)

  • Meyers and Associates (Senior Vice President of Investments)

Areas of Expertise

  • Private Equity Investments

  • Buyouts

  • Rollups

  • Growth Equity

  • PiPes

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